“I envision a world where each individual can enjoy a safe, stable, and beautifully crafted home—a place where they and their loved ones can flourish.”

– Robert Brown

The Robert Brown Philosophy

My greatest hope is for us, as individuals and as a society, to embrace a new, holistic, and inclusive approach to generating real and practical solutions for our world. I long for a future where people can feel hopeful amidst a climate that often encourages resignation or fear. Let us come together in our communities, considering the perspectives of all, to create a better and brighter future.

Madrona — Victoria, BC

Career Highlights

308 W Hastings St.

Student Residence

Vancouver, B.C.

Value: $18.0M (2014)

Area: 34,300 sq. ft

Chesterman partnered with MGC Projects and Vanmar Constructors to acquire this strategic site in Victory Square in Downtown Vancouver and developed a 52-apartment post-graduate residence and innovation hub for Simon Fraser University. Upon completion, the property was sold to SFU which now operates it as the Charles Chang Residence and Innovation Centre.


Mixed Use – Affordable Housing

Vancouver, B.C.

Value: $41.0M (2020)

Area: 54,300 sq. ft

On the site of the Oakridge Lutheran Church, there is now a bright and colourful mixed-use, LEED Platinum building. Hannelore consists of four levels of non-profit, affordable rental housing, atop a beautiful new Church and a prominent commercial space leased to HSBC.

This truly unique, non-profit development model saw the Oakridge Lutheran Church partner with Catalyst Community Developments Society to create a stunning new church/community space with 46 affordable rental homes and a revenue-producing retail space to support affordable housing.

Ocean Village Resort — Tofino, BC


Every project is only as strong as those who collaborate on it. Here are some kind words from people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

“It is rare to find someone that works effectively in a place where the best motivations of ‘margin’ and ‘mission’ combine. That space is where Robert Brown has thrived as a real estate professional, willing to apply his personal and business skills to the non-profit sector and to shift seemingly intractable issues like affordable housing delivery. While many see these issues, Robert has repeatedly stepped into complex untested waters to actively bring creative and pragmatic solutions for real change.”

– Kira Gerwing, Chief Real Estate Investment Officer, Sacha Investments Ltd.

“Robert’s focus is on relationships, on community in perpetuity, and not simply the completion of a capital project. He exudes sincerity and warmth, with a profound presence and competence and with such humility, making everyone around him comfortable. He is a connector and convener of people with shared vision and values. Robert inspires those in the business of hope. He offers his expertise in service of others and their mission.”

– Christine Scott, CEO, Kinsight

“Robert’s approach to business, and to life in general, exemplifies good citizenship and generosity of spirit. He has made available to our housing sector, his exceptional real estate development business skills combined with his community-mindedness, wisdom, honesty, patience, and perseverance.”

– Matthew Carter, President, MGC Projects Ltd

“Robert is unique in his ability to bring together empathy, passion, and mission to achieve results that benefit marginalized people and the community in general. I believe that his understanding that all people have the same rights and should be equally valued, but that not all people have the same opportunities, helps drive his passionate leadership of housing for all.”

– Doug Tennant, CEO, UNITI

“For me, Robert’s greatest strength is that he completely walks the talk, whether the talk is inclusion, compassion, cooperation or contribution.”

– Dan Rogers, Past Chair, Compassionate Eye Foundations and Tradeworks Training Society