The Robert Brown Philosophy Manifested

The goal of Chesterman is to create real estate solutions that are thoughtful, beautiful and inspiring.

It was during Chesterman’s first project in 1996, Ardencraig, that the dots were connected for me between development work and the state of our environment. We decided to prove that it could be done differently, more thoughtfully, and more empathetically.

We took the Ardencraig project in a distinctly “green” direction. Even though, at the start, we didn’t know what this meant.

Ardencraig received the Vancouver Mayors Environmental Achievement Award, and Chesterman received an Ethics in Action Award.

At Chesterman, we take pride in the entire process; the vision, the land, the design, the finishes, and the impact.

But what brings us the most joy is the feeling you get knowing that you have created something thoughtful and beautiful, something real and concrete. And something that can create a real home for the people who stay in it.

Koo’s Corner — Vancouver, BC


Ocean Village

53 – Cabins and Studios

Tofino, B.C.

Value: $28M (2021)

Area: 31,000 sq. ft

Ocean Village Beach Resort, in the beautiful community of Tofino on the Pacific Ocean, occupies almost six acres of spectacular ocean-front land with over 500 feet of frontage on the sandy MacKenzie Beach and includes 53 self-contained cabins and studios and an indoor swimming pool.

Ocean Village was one of the first resorts to be developed in Tofino and was completed in 1976. In 2009, the original ownership group decided to sell. Chesterman (and partners) immediately recognized the opportunity offered by the resort. Our Vision was to maintain the classic family resort feel while carefully upgrading the iconic “beehive” cabins and other facilities. Our refurbishment work also reduced gas and water consumption by over 40%.

Chesterman was an owner and operating partner for 11 years before selling to its partner in 2021.


4 – Townhomes

Vancouver, B.C.

Value: $1.30M (2006)

Area: 4,600 sq. ft

Ardencraig was one of Vancouver’s first green multi-unit market residential projects. For our efforts, we received the Vancouver Mayor’s Environmental Award in 2001 and an Ethics in Action Award in 2000. We undertook significant research to determine effective and feasible green building strategies, as well as creating four beautifully restored Craftsman-style homes.

308 W Hastings St.

Student Residence

Vancouver, B.C.

Value: $18.0M (2014)

Area: 34,300 sq. ft

Chesterman partnered with MGC Projects and Vanmar Constructors to acquire this strategic site in Victory Square in Downtown Vancouver and developed a 52-apartment post-graduate residence and innovation hub for Simon Fraser University. Upon completion, the property was sold to SFU which now operates it as the Charles Chang Residence and Innovation Centre.


5 – Detached Homes

Vancouver, B.C.

Value: $3.55M (2006)

Area: 7,550 sq. ft

Five is a collection of five beautifully restored detached heritage homes located in the popular Riley Park neighbourhood of Vancouver. We carefully rebuilt the homes, bringing back their original appearance and the City placed them on the Vancouver Heritage Register. During the rebuilding process, we incorporated numerous green building features.

Koo’s Corner

6 – Row Townhomes

Vancouver, B.C.

Value: $1.50M (2006)

Area: 5,600 sq. ft

Koo’s Corner has appeared in countless presentations and media articles as a “poster child” for creative, well-designed urban “in-fill” development. In less technical terms, Koo’s provides six beautiful, contemporary, efficient and thoughtfully designed homes in the vibrant Strathcona neighbourhood in Vancouver.


Chesterman is interested to invest in projects that deliver on its community, housing, and financial objectives. Additionally, we occasionally provide investment opportunities in Chesterman projects.

Pacific Sands Beach Resort — Tofino, BC